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 We have just started a major project at our third school which will
 include the construction of a spacious equipped library.
 Help us to raise the funds to fully furnish the building with tables,
 benches and bookcases and to fill it with hundreds of story books.
  How can I give?
 You can make a tax-deductible donation online now through Global
 Giving by clicking on the widget below...

  Where will my money go?
 buys several handfuls of Kenyan published reading
 buys a large table and a pair of benches to provide
 reading space for up to six children
 buys a large, double-sided bookcase
 We are a very administratively lean organisation. We don't have a
 glitzy head office. The only paid staff are those working on the ground
 out in Kenya. We don't have the usual fleet of over spec 4x4s - in
 fact we don't even have one!*
 Donations process through Global Giving are subject to a small fee
 (which facilitates the tax-deductibility of your donation). Subject to
 this and to the occasional investment in fundraising initiatives all
 funds we receive will be spent directly on the things that
 make the difference - on bricks and mortar, on books, on desks...
  Donate here now!





" I really like
the new library
because I like
spending my
time reading
books "
Moses , 11





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