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 Makwasinyi Primary Development...

    Project Summary:
       the construction of a purpose-built community library;
       the construction of a staffroom/office block;
       the rebuilding of the nursery school.

The Proposed Office

The Proposed Library

(click thumbnail for full view)

    Project Blog:
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  Latest Blog
 Tues 10 Mar '09
 Work is progressing very well over at Makwasinyi and already we
 have laid the foundations for both the library and the office block and
 built the office walls up to lintel level.
 Work is now focused on the library walls and this work should be
 complete early next week allowing us to complete work on the lintels
 of both buildings by the end of the same week.
  Previous Blog
 Mon 23 Feb '09
 Albeit a bit later than expected, work has now commenced on the
 work at Makwasinyi. Over the past few weeks the community has
 been volunteering its time to collect local materials and to level the
 ground at the sites of the new builds. Yesterday, Sunday, the first
 lorry load of materials arrived (including 200 bags of cement) and
 this morning the employed workforce, including the designer, arrived
 on-site to mark out the footprints of the library and office builds.
 Work has also started on the making of the 800 or so concrete blocks
 required for the foundations and on the 6000 plus cement/clay bricks
 for the walls. These can be made at a rate of 200 and 600 units per
 day respectively so work should be complete by the middle of next
    Support this Project:
 We are aiming to raise at least $4500: $1500 to fund the furniture
 (including bookcases, tables and benches) and $3000 for reading
  I would like to support this project...








" I really like
the new library
because I like
spending my
time reading
books "
Moses , 11





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