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 Our Work...

 We do not think Patrick and his classmates should have to learn in a
 hot, dusty and dirty classroom. We do not think they should be forced
 to squeeze themselves onto a rotten, broken desk. We do not think
 they should have to be subjected to using rancid pit latrines. And nor
 do we think they leave school without being able to read or write. 
  We do think that can change.
  We know we can be behind that change. Why?
 Because we already are...
 How do we and will we make that change a reality?
 In line with our strategic objectives we do - and will - focus on a 
 number of key areas:
  Infrastructure development
  Resource provision
  Human resource development
  Ensuring development and sustainability
  Infrastructure Development:
 Our vision is for the infrastructure of 'our' schools to be on a par or
 even surpass that of the very top rural public primary schools. To
 realise that ambition we are focusing immediately on a number of key
 objectives including:
  building and/or renovating classrooms to include cooling
    ceilings, durable stone floors, rain and wind blocking glass windows;
  ensuring each school has a spacious, fully furnished library;
  constructing dedicated office and staffrooms;
  constructing halls for use as a dining room, assembly and exam
    hall, and for the wider community;
 We are also investing in innovate projects designed to improve
 sanitation, water provision and levels of nutrition amongst pupils; to
 ensure the schools become more self-reliant; and to reduce the
 schools' impact on the environment.
  Our innovative projects:
   modern sanitation facilities - hygienic, mobile systems which
   allow for urine to be collected for use as a safe and economical
   fertiliser - find out more...
   rainwater harvesting capabilities - allow the schools to harvest
   and store precious rainwater - find out more...
   The Future?
   biogas energy systems - to provide clean energy for cooking
   and lighting, and efficient manure for use on school cropland;
   irrigation systems - to divert collected rainwater to school crop
  Resource Provision:


 We realise that ensuring a better education is more than just about
 modernising infrastructure. We want to create learning environments
 where children can discover and nurture skills and talents, and where
 they are empowered by educational opportunities. So, as we grow,
 we will begin to provide physical learning resources and equipment
 designed to enhance the delivery of education.
  stocking the libraries with story books for children of all ages;
  classroom furniture - including tables, chairs and bookcases;
  teaching aids - including wall charts and diagrams, educational
    games, educational materials and basic science equipment;
  creative materials such as paints, manila paper, crayons;
  playgrounds and general 'play' equipment;
  sports kit and equipment.
 Further down the line we also aim to provide:
  modern technologies - computers and internet access
  Human Resource Development:
  Ensuring development and sustainability
 We don't want our efforts to be wasted because the schools cannot
 afford maintenance and repair costs. Additionally we recognise, in
 hindsight, that there are things we could have done better first time
 Whilst looking for ways for the schools to become more self sustain-
 able we do - and will continue to - fund the upkeep and development 
  of projects.
 We are about to return to Jora, scene of our very first project, to
 give the library a ceiling, to repaint the office block (the first stuff
 never dried properly!) and to varnish frames and doors. We will also
 remodel the existing library furniture to make it smaller and brighter
 (the bookcases are too tall for the teacher to be able to see the entire
 * Not that much better mind - we're pretty good at what we do!






" I really like
the new library
because I like
spending my
time reading
books "
Moses , 11





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