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 African Promise currently works with five primary schools in the
 rural community of Kasigau in south-east Kenya.
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  The Region:

 The Kasigau community sits amongst ranch lands in the middle of a
 wildlife corridor between the Eastern and Western parts of Tsava
 National Park. From its most northern point (on the Nairobi-Mombasa
 highway that dissects the two areas of the park), the region includes
 around fifteen villages that line a dirt track that runs 35km due   
 south towards the Tanzanian border.
 At the end of that track rises the spectacular 1800m high Mt.Kasigau.
 Its shape and distinctive summit make is the most recognisable
 feature on the semi-arid landscape. Surrounding the foot of the
 mountain sit the five villages that comprise the Nyangala
 community: Kiteghe, Rukanga, Makwasinyi, Jora and Bungule.
 These villages are home to the proud Taita tribe and more than 8000
 people live here. Rukanga, the epicentre of the community, is by far
 the largest of the villages while the other villages, though somewhat
 smaller in size and population, are broadly similar to each other.
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  The Schools:
 There is a primary school in each of the five villages and, as of the
 end of 2007, they had a combined enrolment of 1374 pupils. The
 schools vary in size and age with Rukanga, the most heavily
 populated village, accounting for 375 pupils with Kiteghe, on the
 other hand, accounting for just 185. Pre-primary schools account for
 an additional 353 pupils across the five schools.
 All of the schools are community founded and were constructed at
 various times between 1940 and 1990 and, in their current status,
 are all mixed day public schools. Administratively the five schools
 are part of the Kasigau zone (comprising of the fifteen schools in
 Kasigau), Voi Division (comprising of 37 schools from the nearest
 market town of Voi and surrounding villages) and Taita / Taveta
 District (comprising of 183 schools from towns and villages of the
 Taita region of south-east Kenya.
 Since the introduction of Free Primary Education in 2003, attending
 primary school in Kenya has been free and public schools have been
 funded by the government. Each school receives a termly allowance
 per pupil which, over the last couple of years, has amounted to
 around 6 per pupil per year.




" I really like
the new library
because I like
spending my
time reading
books "
Moses , 11





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